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Scandinavia's largest military vehicle museum depicting the military vehicle development from the early 1900s until today. You are treated to a breathtaking historical journey through the decades. The museum also includes a stunning exhibition of tin figures and a soldiers croft dating back to the 1600s where an associated exhibition tells the story of a bygone era.

Opening hours


Open wed-sun 11-16
         Thursdays 11-20

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Map-icon We are just west of Strängnäs


coins-icon Adults:   80 kr
Youth 12-18:   40 kr
Children 0-11:   free in adult company
  • 1/7-2014 "Coola vagnar" - Isak ...
  • 5/6-2014 "WOW! Det har varit jätte kul, jag kommer att minnas det här" - Ebba ...
  • 2/7-2013 "Riktigt bra ställe, morfar skulle älskat de!" - Axel ...
  • 21/7-2014 "Jag kom, jag såg, jag förundrades. Snyggt gjort!" - Emil ...

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Stridsvagn m/21-29

Följ renoveringen av en stridsvagn m/21-29 till körbart skick.